Fix Module ‘timezonedb’ already loaded

When I was upgrading my apps to Codeigniter 3, I got an error message on my development server. A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Core Warning Message: Module ‘timezonedb’ already loaded Filename: Unknown Line Number: 0 Backtrace: Actually, it wasn’t Codeigniter error. It was the server. It seems the server duplicated loading timezonedb module. IContinue reading “Fix Module ‘timezonedb’ already loaded”

Things to do when I upgrading CI 2 to CI 3

in manner of my own priority. Delete old system folder and replace it with new one. update index.php Replace config/mimes.php Edit config/config.php update config/database.php copy view/errors from source to your project Rename all classes (Controllers/Models/Libs) Ucfirst-like using with powershell command. fix appeared bugs … … profit yea, it still suck.