Dompdfy a class wrapper for Dompdf in Codeigniter 3

I’m eagerly told everyone to upgrade there apps from CI 2 to CI 3, beside it supports latest PHP. It has ability to use Composer autoloader, as PHP ecosystem nowadays created every PHP libraries framework-agnostic (can be used in any PHP framework). since the coding style of CI 3 still the same as before, soContinue reading “Dompdfy a class wrapper for Dompdf in Codeigniter 3”

Things to do when I upgrading CI 2 to CI 3

in manner of my own priority. Delete old system folder and replace it with new one. update index.php Replace config/mimes.php Edit config/config.php update config/database.php copy view/errors from source to your project Rename all classes (Controllers/Models/Libs) Ucfirst-like using with powershell command. fix appeared bugs … … profit yea, it still suck.