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Tentang Harddisk External

When my 1TB external HDD show error msg “You need to format the disk. do you want to format it?”

12 01 2016 08:14

When I realized that if I could recovered the files, I should have another same size of HDD as temporary storage for my files.

12 01 2016 08:15

Found a tutorial that said I don’t need to recovery and format this HDD. only fix boot sector.
spend 3 hours scanning.
and failed.

12 01 2016 11:04

Back to first plan. recover the files. format the disk and recopy to the disk.
Some files have to be deleted. (no more space left on my other HDD)

12 01 2016 11:10

that jav files.
*cry harder

12 01 2016 11:11

find other discussion
I remembered that the best HDD repair I used so far is minitool. re-downloading minitool..

12 01 2016 11:33

MiniTool show my disk is okay. file system NTFS. the files are right there.
but windows can’t read.
checking file system using minitool feature. actually I have scan it by testdisk but no result.
minitool show the errors.
fix it.

12 01 2016 11:40

Done. Hurrah!
time spent: 5 hours.

12 01 2016 11:46

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